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Thinking About Installing an Automatic Gate–10 Steps to Get Started

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You’re here. That’s a perfect start. Educating yourself on your automated security gate options is the right first move. Of course there are a few additional things you should do to actually move the automatic gate of your dreams from, well, your dreams, to a reality that you drive right through each day. 1. Be [...]

I Already Have a Gate, But I’d Like to Make it an Automatic Gate — Can That be Done?

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Short answer to the titular question: Yes. The longer, more accurate answer: Yes, but there are some limitations. Sorry we couldn't keep it simple, but you’ll [maybe] thanks us at the end of this article. Manual Swing Gates If you already have a single swing gate or a double swing gate, there are a few [...]

How Do I Open My Automatic Driveway Gate During a Power Outage?

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It’s a dark and stormy night and your power has gone out. You’re in need of fresh flashlight batteries and decide to head to the store to pick a few up, along with a pint of ice cream to enjoy while you wait for internet access or DVR to come back on. There’s just one [...]

Benefits of an Automatic Driveway Security Gate

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So why do you want a gate? This is one of the questions a good gate installer is likely to ask you so that s/he can help you design the gate system that’s right for you. If "I just don’t want passing drivers turning around in my driveway" is the only reason you've considered so [...]

10 Tips for Choosing a Company to Install Your Automatic Gate

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You've started off right. You came here and educated yourself on driveway gates. You filled out our contact form and now you have 3 qualified installers that you met with and have received bids from. How do you choose who to work with? If you hadn't gotten your bids from companies that we have pre-qualified, you would [...]

Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Gate Running Smoothly

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After having a gorgeous new gate designed and installed, it’s surprising that one of the most commonly overlooked maintenance items is keeping the gate clean and well-maintained. Keeping it Clean Similar to an automobile, your gate will look its best if it is regularly washed and occasionally waxed. It can be quite expensive to have [...]