You’re here. That’s a perfect start. Educating yourself on your automated security gate options is the right first move.

Of course there are a few additional things you should do to actually move the automatic gate of your dreams from, well, your dreams, to a reality that you drive right through each day.

1. Be clear on why you’d like a gate. If you’re a manufacturing plant that will want to install a gate for security reasons and will have 200 cars driving through the gate a day, you’re not likely to want an artistic, double swing, gate that artfully depicts a flock of geese in flight on its front. A vertical lift gate may be more your speed in this case.

Or if you’d like a gate for privacy reasons because, perhaps, your home fronts a busy street, you may want to consider a gate with wood slats. When the time comes to contact a gate installer, sharing with them why you want a gate will help them to begin formulating the best automatic gate solution for your needs.

It will also help ensure you’re getting quotes for the best implementation for your home or business.

2. Check under the couch cushions. An automatic security gate can help keep your family and your material possessions safe, and improve curb appeal and, thereby, increase the value of your home.

It’s small wonder, then, that a quality driveway gate installation is likely to run you a few thousand dollars (and some can run into the tens of thousands or beyond). Be sure you’ve budgeted for such a project.

3. Get smart. The more information you have about the safety options available, for instance, the better you’ll be able to tell if a contractor you meet with knows his or her stuff. Browse the articles in our library until you feel comfortable you can visualize your ideal gate installed in your driveway.

4. Get the lay of your land. Is your driveway asphalt or gravel? Is it 12 feet wide or 60 feet wide? The condition of the project site, the materials used in your driveway and the width of your driveway will all be factors taken into consideration when contractors write up your price quotes. Knowing as much as possible about your gate site will help your very first contact with potential installers go swimmingly.

5. Gate shop. Before meeting with a gate installer, get some ideas of the gate designsyou find most appealing. Our qualified gate contractors can provide you with any type of gate you may be interested in.

6. Seek out qualified gate installers. When it comes to the safety and security of your property and family, it probably goes without saying that getting referrals and working with trusted sources like AGRC trumps picking a random installer’s name out of the hat that is the internet.

7. Verify qualifications. If you choose to be contacted by one of our gate installers, then this step is already complete and you can move on to the next step.

8. Meet your neighborhood installer. Many installers will want to come out and see the project site so that they can be sure they design the right solution for your application.

9. Compare more than price.

10. Say “yes”. Generally a signature on the quote you receive is what is needed to officially start the gate installation process.