It probably comes as no surprise that automated driveway gates are designed to be used by vehicles and vehicles only.

How, then, would you easily leave your property to go on a Sunday morning stroll with your four-legged buddy, Whiskers the cat? How would your neighbour be able to walk over to your home to deliver the delicious rhubarb pie they made the night before just for you (even though you’ve mentioned a time or two before that peach is actually your preferred pie flavour)?

The Legalities

UL325, the industry guideline for gate safety in the U.S., specifically states that, in addition to the driveway gate, there need to be a means of access for pedestrians.

If there is not a pedestrian gate provided, it is inevitable that someone will use the vehicular driveway gate for pedestrian access. If this person happened to be injured while walking through the gate, there is a potential for liability and the next person walking through your gate might be carrying a summons for you to appear in court.

Making it Easier

Besides the potential for liability, there are also common sense reasons for having a pedestrian gate.

Do you really want to have to remember to take a handheld remote with you, when you go out to check the mail? Do you really want your kids activating the gate so they can walk out to the bus stop?

There is no need to use your electric gate just to go for a jog when you have a pedestrian gate.

Also, in the event of a power failure, you can use the pedestrian gate rather than wear down the batteries on the driveway gate.

Summing it Up

As you can see, there are multiple reasons to have a pedestrian gate installed along with your driveway gate.

Our qualified installers can design a pedestrian gate for you that complements your entryway and enhances the appeal of your automatic gate.